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Blog: We're OFF!

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After hours - DAYS! WEEKS! - off hard labour by Team Validator and ESPECIALLY by The Ink In My Printer, last night the final final FINAL masters were finally FINALISED (finally) for the Dinosaur Planet album. Excitement in our house was, as you can see below, HIGH:

Mr Squish prepares for FAME

This morning I made a GUIDE to make sure the pages of the booklet go in the right order (we've never made a multi-paged booklet to go with a CD before, it's EXCITING) and then I strolled off down to Leytonstone post office and sent it all on its way. All i need to do is PAY for it (which should occur later today) and then sit back and wait 12-15 days before several years of hard work pays off with ACTUAL CD ALBUMS! ZANG!

The impending arrival of HUNDREDS of CDs in my house does necessitate other actions in the meantime, which I'll be discussing shortly, but for now: HOORAH! We're OFF!

posted 30/9/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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