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Blog: There's Nothing Like A Mailout

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It was a funny old weekend this weekend - very BUSY, and also full of Family in various versions. All of it was moving (in very different ways!), some of it was sad, but all of it involved seeing lovely people in Delightful Settings.

It was all a bit knackering, physically AND emotionally, so it was nice to sit down on Sunday evening an RELAX with a good old fashioned MAILOUT. Aaah! They joys of doing a mailout! The address checking, the picking, the packing, the sticking of sticky labels and the writing of notes, I really DO rather enjoy it all. Which is handy really, as I've got a LOT of this to do once the 'Dinosaur Planet' albums arrive!

This particular mailout, however, was for the smashing people who have LEAPT in already to take advantage of our Mega Bumper Sale where, IN CASE I DIDN'T MENTION IT (hem hem) you can get Forest Moon Of Enderby for just three quid, or UPGRADE to get THREE CDs for six quid. What's that? I DID mention it? At length? And have even put it in a banner at the top of all the webpages? Oh yes, so i have!

I spent a very happy half hour sorting it all out, even updating The Database Of ROCK to enable it to print proper sticky labels, ooh, it fair took me days to the early days of my CAREER when I was an Administrative Assistant at Leicester General Hospital. By the end i was almost pining for a bit of Audio Typing!

And today the Admin GLEE continues as I SOURCE some envelopes - we're ordering the t-shirts soon, and as each cast member is getting one along with their ALBUMS I need some pretty big envelopes to put them into. I might even get myself some new sticky labels while I'm in Rymans too - EXCITEMENT!

Sometimes people express surprise at the fact that I'm so happy to do all this independently, rather than YEARNING for some Idiotic Record Company Corporation to come along and muck it all up and STEAL all my songs, but come on! If I was signed to EMI do you think I'd get to do my own Mailouts? Eh? Think on, Robbie Williams, think on!

posted 3/10/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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