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Today you find me acting like Mr Big Of Bigshot Records, ordering merchandise here, agreeing schedules there and... er... doing a little jig around the room as I've got the office to myself today.

Everything that's occurring is the result of AGES of NEGOTIATION and HASSLE, and it's a bit odd that it's all happening at once, but it IS jolly good fun so I'm not complaining. The first THRILL was to hear from The Stamp On My Envelope this morning that the POSTCARDS have arrived! HOORAH! These are delightful little items that I'll be sending out with all ORDERS for the new album (in the JIFFY bags which arrived yesterday - it's all HIGH OCTANE EXCITEMENT round our way!).

Meanwhile negotiations with our LOVELY distributors, Proper, have got to the point where we pretty much have a definite release date for Amazon and (in theory) shops, of November 14th. This is a couple of weeks earlier than expected, but if all goes well we WILL have the albums by then (touch wood) so they might as well be purchasable. When we first started doing this it seemed to MATTER about having CDs in the shops on a specific date to tie in with PUBLICITY but these days it seems like the best thing is to make it AVAILABLE and then see what happens. Feels good to me!

And now I'm homing in on a final order for the associated T-Shirts - we've pretty much agreed a COLOUR SCHEME that we all like, or at least can live with (people always slag off "t-shirt bands" but I tell you THIS: writing a song is A HECK OF A LOT easier than agreeing what colour t-shirts you want) and with any luck I'll have those started TODAY.

And then it's just a question of WAITING - I approved the artwork proofs for the album itself yesterday so THAT'S on the way, and so in about a fortnight's time I should be sat at home in HIGH PANIC waiting for Mr Postman to come a'knocking with them.

And then... well, then it's time to start sending stuff out! And finding out if other people like it all as much as WE do - YIKES!

posted 6/10/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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We're excited, Mark! Wooooooooooo!
posted 6/10/2011 by Alexander Christopher Hale

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