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Blog: A Sneak Preview

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Despite all the IMPORANT IMPORTANCE of yesterday's IMPORTANT STATEMENT the work must go on in the Admin Offices of AAS. Since last we spoke I've set everything up to get us listed on iTunes, Spotify and so on, as well as starting to set things up with our bandcamp site so that you'll be able to stream individual songs.

The REWARDS of these endevours are already coming in for me - last night for instance I got home to find that the POSTCARDS had arrived! As previously stated these will be going out with all PURCHASES and BY HECK they look GORGEOUS! I think I would EXPLODE if I had to keep all this stuff secret for much longer, but luckily it is not long now until it can all be UNLEASHED.

And talking of UNLEASHING - we've done a "single mix" of the title track, which will be available as a free download in November, but you can get a preview of it RIGHT NOW! Over on Dandelion Radio you can hear it being played on Rocker's show, and it's also in the latest Damnably Radio Podcast. It's accompanied by some FINE MUSIC in both cases - happy listening!

posted 7/10/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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