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Blog: Mr And Mrs Normal

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Myself and The Tea In My Cuppa did something WEIRD and STRANGE this weekend: we behaved like A NORMAL COUPLE!

Everything started so ROCK USUAL - we went to see John Otway and his Big Band on Friday night and he was AMAZING. I have gone on about how GRATE Otway is enough times, but crikey, this was in our TOP FIVE times of ever seeing him (and I must have seen him getting on for 50 times now). It was the first time we'd seen him with The Big Band for AGES, which meant we got "Bunsen Burner" done proper, "Best Dream" and a setlist that FLIPPING ROCKED. The best bit tho, and the thing that moved me to ACTUAL TEARS, was just seeing one section where everyone in the band looked across the stage and GRINNED at each other. It was BLOODY LOVELY. Also, Otway explaining why he hadn't practiced his GYMNASTIC FEATS during the soundcheck: "What's the point of hurting yourself if nobody's watching?"

It was BEAUTIFUL and also EXCITING, also FUN. We seemed set up for a traditional ROCK weekend, but the things got BIZARRE on Saturday morning. I should have known something was AWRY when we had a LIE-IN, but still i unwittingly switched on the telly and not only SAW a Saturday Morning Cookery Programme but decided to DO ONE OF THE RECIPES!!!

We then WENT TO OUR LOCAL SHOPPING MALL (The Westfield in Stratford - it's new) wherein we went to the John Lewis cafe FOR LUNCH! Both of us! At the weekend! LIKE A NORMAL COUPLE!

Needless to say we then did A SPOT OF SHOPPING before coming homw where i DID make the Saturday Morning Cookery Show Programme Recipe (some big fat tomatoes cooked in a curry sort of sauce, it was LUSH) and, of course, watched Strictly Come Dancing. SIDEBAR: I was glad that Edwina Currie was rejected, but also slightly saddened as it would have made for some POINTED REMARKS if I did The Fight For History at gigs.

The next day things were much the same - it involved an AFTERNOON WALK - and even though we got back to ROCK USUAL later on with some VIDEO EDITING and PROMOTION DISCUSSION the whole experience felt very... well, NORMAL. It was actually really good fun - I can see why doing Normal Things is so popular! Over the horizon GIGS and ACTION is looming, but next weekend is looking free. Who knows? If things go well we might GO FOR BROKE and - SHOCK! - go to the pictures!!!!

posted 10/10/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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