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Blog: Button and Bow

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Over the last couple of months myself and The Pictures In My Video have been delighting to regular updates about two characters called Button And Bow. They are MUSCOVY DUCKS who were found as EGGS abandoned by their mother in a stream in Devon after a flood, warmed up, hatched, and then RAISED by a pair of Concerned Citizens. Here's one of the earliest videos of them as they head back down to the stream for the first time:


We've been thoroughly enjoying these regular updates from our friends Phil and Pam down in Buckfastleigh - Phil lets The Water In My River know whenever there's a new one, and they never fail to LIFT SPIRITS and cause an outbreak of COOING and AAAHs chez nous. It did strike me though the other day that there's something a bit bizarre about it all. Have a look at this one, for instance:

Quite apart from being LOVELY, you might notice that the music is a GRATE version of Donovans' "Colours" by Mr Phil Wilson, aka Phil From The June Brides, for LO! it is HE who is tending to these young birds. It suddenly struck me as KRAZY that once a week we've been getting updates from an International Legend Of Rock And Roll about his ducklings - it's like Morrissey sending us updates on his rescue piglet or something - and that more people don't know about it.

And so I thought I'd stick a few on here just to highlight how BRILLIANT the videos are - it's a treasure trove not only of CUTE DUCKLINGS but also CLASSIC INDIE POP, which I kind of think more people should be enjoying. I mean, look at this!

Wouldn't the world be a better place if ALL Legends Of Indie-Pop did this sort of thing? Can anyone honestly, hand on heart, say that they'd RATHER have The Stone Roses reform than have Mani soundtrack the progress of a gosling he'd personally reared from an egg? Well would they? EXACTLY. Think on, Other Legends Of Rock, THINK ON!

posted 17/10/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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What I'd like to see for starters: Jim Shepherd from the Jasmine Minks becomes a shepherd! Bob Wratten breeds field mice! Katrina Mitchell of Melody Dog teaches dogs to play the guitar! All of this would be far better than Alex out of Blur making cheese.
posted 17/10/2011 by Ben

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