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Blog: Back In The Moon Saddle

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My thoughts were full of EDINBURGH yesterday lunchtime, as I stomped back to the office after lunch, remembering our ADVENTURES this year as I mentally prepared for a Moon Horse rehearsal after work. It therefore felt almost NATURAL to bump into Fran from The Cheshire Liberation Front (our PALS from Buffs Club) on Bedford Square. He works at the British Museum so it was always BOUND to happen, but it was DELIGHTFUL that it should happen on this of all days. "How's Moon Horse?" he asked, and I was able to report that Moon Horse was very much GALLOPING BACK.

For LO! We are off to CARDIFF on Thursday (back at Gwdihw on Guildford Crescent, doors 7.30ish entrance fee four quid, do come if you can!) so Steve and I, being the consumate amateurs what we are, thought it might be an idea to meet up and have a bit of an old PRACTICE.

It was STRANGE - we did ALL of our pre-Fringe rehearsals in the basement at my work, so you'd think being back there again would be natural, but every time we did ANYTHING I was mildly freaked out by the fact we WEREN'T at Buffs. When i went "off stage" it was towards our mini-kitchen, rather than the fire exit, and when I said "For at least the next 10 to 15 minutes" I looked up to see not a HUGE MIRROR and CLOCK but a FILING CABINET.

Also the lack of AUDIENCE made it all feel like it took FOREVER. It was all jolly good fun and there were LARFS to be had along the way, but GOODNESS it felt like a STRETCH when there were no CHUCKLES or GASPS coming back in our direction. I was pleased to find SO MUCH of it was still in our BRANES, tho mildly DISTRACTED by an IDEA I'd had that very morning about transferring the whole thing to a series of YouTube videos. "This bit'll be AMAZING if we film it!" i kept thinking, whilst forgetting I was meant to be SAYING something.

Satisfied with a show PRACTICED we changed our usual procedure and retired NOT to The Museum Tavern BUT to The Euston Tap, where we both enjoyed a few pints of MILD. We agreed that, if nothing else has been achieved from our theatrical exploits we can at least say it's made me start to enjoy MILD and Steve enjoy WHISKY. Clearly there has been a LOT else achieved, but even on its own that would be pretty darn GRATE!

posted 26/10/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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