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Blog: Whither Mr Big From Big Records?

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As I scamper through the daisy fields of ROCK you can often here me saying things like "Boo to booking agencies! Tra-la for self-releasing! Pixie kisses for bandcamp!" as I fruitily sing the joys of being an Modern Independent ARTISTES, free from the archaic structures and iniquities of the "music" "industry", able to do what I want and WHEN, creating thrilling new forms of creativity without worrying about commerciality. It's LOVELY.

Sometimes, however, sometimes you just wish Mr Big from Big Records would turn up at a gig with a DEVIL'S CONTRACT and say "Boys! Just give me your LIVING SOUL and I will take all the pain away!" because OCCASIONALLY being a Modern Independent Artiste can be a bit of a pain in the Modern Independent ARSE.

The past week or two have very much fitted into this latter model - as I have mentioned MORE than enough times we've been having a bit of a STRUGGLE with the PRODUCT for the 'Dinosaur Planet' album. They arrived in 9 big boxes on Thursday and just looked TATTY. They eventually got picked up again by the manufacturers and today - FINALLY, a WEEK later - they've agreed that they're NOT good enough and they'll be RE-DONE.

I don't know how long this'll take but whatever happens it puts various plans out of JOINT - i've used POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE to work around this and keep looking at the rest of our CDs thinking "Nearly ALL of these were a MASSIVE HEADACHE to get made, but now they ARE made and they are LOVELY" but I bloody wish this wasn't the case. Over the years I've MASSIVELY cut down on the amount of ANNOYANCE I go through to put stuff out simply by gradually meeting NICE PEOPLE and working with THEM instead of WAZZOCKS, but sometimes there's nothing you can do and the GRINDING GLUMNESS of trying to deal with people and companies who Just Want Your Money is inavoidable.

And, as I say, it's at times like this you think "GollY! It would be much more *FUN* if somebody ELSE was dealing with this while I was having COCKTAILS by the POOL, or taking part in STRICTLY or something." The good thing tho is I have an ACE TEAM behind me - The Tequila In My Margarita has been a TOWER of a) STRENGTH b) ADVICE c) HELP throughout the entire process, The Validators have been PACKED with THORT and IDEAS for Progress Going Forward Throughout, and the CAST have been Fully INvolved and DELIGHTFUL. All in all I'd much rather have all of THEM on my side than Mr Big and his lawyers, but still, next time I see a Fake Indie Band on telly flaunting their haircuts and talking about how their record company is behind them I will be more FORGIVING. Maybe they too, once upon a time, waited in all day for a courier that never came, and could take it no more.

posted 3/11/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Sounds like it's been (or should I said 'is being') a trial and a half to give the world Dinosaur Planet! But on behalf of all the smart kids and true believers world wide I humble-y say 'Thank You'
posted 3/11/2011 by PhoeniX PhiL

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