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Blog: More Christmas, More Greeks

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Hark! What is that sound? Why, it is the lilting RACKET of hundreds of indie bands up and down the country, wondering how much SLEIGHBELL they can get away with on their Christmas song this year!

For LO! it is very much That Time Of The Year again, when Christmas deadlines LOOM and everyone had to get their song finished, and we are no exception. Over the weekend i was GRAPPLING with my version of A Popular Classic which'll be featuring on the Joyzine Advent Calendar (and which features some MIGHTY vocals by The Melody In My Harmonies) then LAST night I was adding the final component to the Validators' song "Thank Goodness For Christmas", which will hopefully be on Fika Recording's calendar.

As with last year we've recorded all our parts seperately, emailing them to my Central ROCK Depository where I've gently pieced things together. It's been a strange mix of STUFF this time though - Tim sent in some VOCALS, Frankie did SLEIGHBELLS, Emma did PIANO and The Tiger... well, he did some violin, but ALSO some KEYBOARDS. It all sounds rather lovely, especially since last night when Emma's piano arrived, JUST nudging us over the border into MEGA CHRISTMASSY. I'm right looking forward to getting these two out to people, I was listening to them this morning on the way to work and feeling DEAD FESTIVE.

Not long after I'd got to work I found an email from The British Museum saying that they'd put our animation online. Here it is:

Ours is the first Herakles And The Hydra clip, about 3:20 in. GOOD isn't it? We were VERY pleased with it I must say! It almost - ALMOST - made me want to have a go at doing another stop-motion video like last year... but then i looked at my diary, saw all the Germany PREP and Envelope Stuffing that lies ahead and thought maybe best not!

posted 23/11/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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