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Blog: A Little Bit Of Help

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Newsletter subscribers should hopefully have just had this month's newsletter gently fall into their inbox. By golly it is a PACKED edition this month - just LOOKING at all the GIGS i've got coming up this month fair makes me WILT - but I would like to draw attention to one item of news in particular - the video for our next single!

After some discussion last week we agreed to do A Little Bit as our next free download single, and as we'll need to do a VIDEO for it we thought it might be RATHER JOLLY if we asked for A Little Bit (clever!) of help doing it.

The plan is to get as many people as humanly possible to film themselves singing along to the final chorus. We're going to do this as a MASS of headshots - sort of like the titles of The Brady Bunch - with the number of people multiplying as the chorus goes along. I think it might look rather ACE!

Full details of how to go about this - and a video with the music AND the words on it - are over at this page here. We're also after a few people to do a bit EXTRA too, and act out a single LINE from the song, sort of like in the crowd-sourced version of Star Wars that a) has just come out and b) features our very own Mr Tim Pattison as HAN SOLO (about 46 minutes in)!!! Again, details of how to do it are on the Joining In page.

I hope plenty of people are able to get involved with this one, I think it could turn out LOVELY!

posted 31/1/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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