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You find me in what is theoretically a QUIET TIME. I've not got a HUGE amount of gigs going on (though it's Totally Acoustic on Thursday, with Rebekah Delgado and Peter Buckley Hill, do come!), the new video is DONE and fully publicised, and I haven't even got a SHOW to be doing with Mr S Hewitt. It is QUIET TIME.

And so, it appears, my BRANE has decided that now would be an excellent opportunity to go FULL TILT and spew out IDEAS at every opportunity. My poor old IDEAS BOOK is all of a sudden BURSTING with NEW THORT and FRESH PLANS. There's ideas now for FOUR videos for songs from Dinosaur Planet to be done over the rest of the year, and TWO other schemes to further promote it, for instance. One of these will be coming your way next week and involves my favourite EVER gig photo - prepare yourselves for thinking "aah, isn't that sweet?" because you PROBABLY WILL THINK THAT!

Meanwhile I'm in FULL-ON THORT mode for the sequel to Moon Horse VS The Mars Men Of Jupiter. I don't want to say TOO much about it at the moment, as I'm hoping to reveal the title at the end of the PODCAST series, which should be coming your way next month some time. I'm currently EDITING the recordings of the show we made in Leicester, but it's taking rather a lot longer than I expected because I keep getting ENTHRALLED by it all, LARFING, and forgetting I'm supposed to be doing some WORK. The podcasts will be available for free, but I'm now thinking of doing a Pay As Much As You Like version A LA RADIOHEAD that'll come with free VIDEO and maybe a SCRIPT. Anyway, THAT'S happening, but the NEXT thing is even MORE exciting! ZANG!

And then quite apart from all that all these OTHER ideas keep pinging around, for other SONGS or other SCHEMES or people to HASSLE - this last especially pertinent for the TOUR I'm going to do in April with Mr Gavin Osborn and Mr Frankie Machine - or just random nonsense. The phrase "UNLEASH THE ATOMIC GORILLA!" popped into my head this morning and REFUSES to leave until I do something with it. Hmm...

So yes, all is quiet on the Going Out And Doing Stuff front at the moment, but BY GOLLY it is bloody noisy inside my head. If you ever think I go on a bit in this BLOG (I'm sure you wouldn't!) then do at least take comfort that it is a REFINED version of the raging FROTH that is boiling in my BRANE! Now, where's that ATOMIC GORILLA got to?

posted 6/3/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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