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Blog: Schroedinger's Hibbett

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You find me today in a state of QUANTUM UNCERTAINTY, for LO! all sorts of things are happening but also NOT happening simultaneously.

On the HAPPENING front there's all sorts going on, but I'm not supposed, really, to say what they are. There's a festival that I've never played at, for instance, that I WILL be playing at this year. Me and Steve are going to REVIVE the two man version of Dinosaur Planet especially for it, with hopefully a WARM-UP at a certain London-based Fringe Festival BEFOREHAND. I'd like to talk more - a LOT more - about this, but can't really, as nothing's finally finalised!

Similarly there's two festivals that it looks like we're NOT playing this year. One of these is the Edinburgh Fringe, which we decided LONG AGO we'd not being doing properly this year. I was hanging on for the possibility of maybe doing a COUPLE of dates but in the end realised this would probably not be a Good Idea for us OR for audience - there's a chance we might end up doing a SPOT somewhere at some point, but nothing that'll go in the BOOK! As for the other festival we're not playing - I had high hopes and GRAND IDEAS about what we could DO if we played it this year, with the album out and everything, but it looks like it's not to be. I don't normally like smileys and so on, but in this case I'll make an exception: SADFACE!

And then combining both ASPECTS of Happening and Not Happening we have the MINI-TOUR I've been planning for April, which is now turning out to be SLIGHTLY MORE MINI than originally planned! I'd hoped to do a whole WEEK but after a month of gentle badgering have only sorted out TWO dates as yet, and I'm starting to think I might leave it at THAT. It feels very much at the moment like THE UNIVERSE is saying to me "You know all this GIGS business, Hibbett? Maybe you should think about not doing that so much. Here, let me arrange it so you are not TEMPTED!"

But just as THE MOPES come riding over the BRANE HORIZON there's the possibility of all sorts of EXCITING things which, once again, I can't really talk about as they're unconfirmed and, in some cases, unasked about. One of these involves me appearing at a CONFERENCE at CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY!

And then on top of all that, we have the Dinosuar Planet promotional campaign. This feels like it has come to a GRINDING HALT at the moment - we've not had any more reviews for ages, video views have slowed right down, and the lovely press release I sent out hasn't been picked up by ANYONE. However, I know there's at least ONE review coming soon, an INTERVIEW too, and plans are well underway for one, possibly THREE new videos that'll be coming later in the year!

So yes, it's all UNCERTAIN and very much IN THE MIDDLE at the moment. One thing tho that I DO know is happening is that MOON HORSE will be coming your way on Monday next week - I've finished mixing it, sorted out the download album for when the final episode's out, and got a new version of the webpage ready to go. It's all TERRIBLY exciting, and maybe this feeling of QUIETNESS is just the TIDE OF ROCK pulling back ready to UNLEASH it's mighty WAVE on Monday?

I do hope so - Quantum Uncertainty is RUBBISH. I'm not surprised the cat tried to hide in a box to get away from it!

posted 15/3/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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Schroedinger's alarm clock, comes in a box, until you open the box you don't know if the alarm has gone off or not.
posted 15/3/2012 by Andrew Fisher

don't say it's Indietracks you're not doing! that'll be a long weekend in Alfreton for me and Josh then. shocking!
posted 16/3/2012 by matt

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