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It's a funny old thing, but MEDIA ACTION always seems to take place in CLUMPS. It'd be nice for us ATTENTION CRAVERS if, say, it could be gently doled out so every week or two you get a review or something, but no: CLUMPS it is, and today is a little bit of one.

For instance, an interview I did a couple of weeks ago has just been posted over on Nerd Bastards all about Dinosaur Planet. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed doing it I must say - i wish more people would demand interviews about the album, i have a LOT to say about it!!

We've also had a plug for the Moon Horse podcast from those delightful chaps at CMU. The podcast seems to be going down JOLLY well at the moment, with LOADS of downloads, though we did get a REJECTION letter this morning. I emailed several Comedy Types yesterday and today one of them sent a very nice, polite rejection (i.e. saying they wouldn't immediately turn it into a Top Radio Series!) with helpful remarks and explanations of why they wouldn't take it further. It was LOVELY!

I've found this before with people over on the COMEDY PRODUCTION side of things - they actually DO bother to listen to stuff and take the time to get back in touch with you. Even when it's a rejection, it's SO MUCH BETTER than the standard response in ROCK circles which is just to IGNORE emails and say NOTHING, EVER. Promoters! Record Companies! FESTIVALS! If you don't want bands to play, just send us an email to tell us so. It puts us ALL out of our misery, and it's amazing how much FESTERING ANGER it prevents!

And TALKING of festivals (and... er... not saying things) last night myself and The Clean Linen Provided In My Holiday Apartment last night decided to sort out our accomodation for the Fairly Big Festival Me And Steve Are Playing In The Summer But I'm Not Supposed To Say Which It Is Yet. After considering our options we decided TO HECK WITH IT and booked ourselves a HOLIDAY COTTAGE for a whole WEEK! ZANG! That way we can do the festival in STYLE, and then spend the next five days LOAFING ABOUT, possibly going to THE PUB!

I've also booked my accomodation for this year's OTHER festival we're playing, Nuts In May. While The Pattisons and The Machines are ROUGHING IT on the campsite, myself and Mr McClure will be enjoying the LUXURIOUS SURROUNDINGS of... er... The Travelodge.

That's the plan at the moment anyway - if the current MEDIA BLUR continues, who knows? We might be able to upgrade to an IBIS!

posted 20/3/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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