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Blog: Moon Horse Episode Three

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It is the DAY OF THE MOON today and so that must mean it's time for a new episode of Moon Horse VS The Mars Men Of Jupiter!

This week's episode is available from the main Moon Horse website, as part of the Totally Acoustic series, a direct mp3 download or a good old fashioned LISTEN right here:

Episode Three: Victory Of The Mars Men
(direct download)

It's a JOLLY exciting episode, with GAGS, SONGS, thrilling ACTION sequences, and possible the GREATEST CLIFFHANGER EVER, leading into next weeks tumultuous final episode. AMAZINGLY, given the range of VOICES and ACTING STYLES (hem hem) it's all performed JUST by myself and Mr S Hewitt, in a style which BBC Radio One likened to "two drunk Dads getting up and playing some songs at a barbecue", and we can think of no higher recomendation than THAT. Hope you enjoy it!

posted 26/3/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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