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Blog: Savage Sword Of Sileby

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Whilst PREPPING the Pay-What-You-Like version of MOON HORSE for its official release on bandcamp next week, I came across a horrible realisation: our lovely SQUARE layout was going to have to change to fit it in!

DESPAIR! DOOM! Eventually I consoled myself with the idea that I could just put some MORE material up there, to even it out - there's TONNES of songs on various Multimedia Extras which I could plonk onto Bandcamp which are otherwise sitting unlistened to on hard to get at sections of CDs, I could do THOSE!

I was gleefully pondering this when I noticed that Chris T-T has been doing pretty much THAT with HIS back catalogue, adding LOADS of old albums to his bandcamp pages, including extra tracks and whole new collections. "I could DO THAT too!" i thought... but paused. "Hang on Hibbett", I said to myself, "Haven't you already done that with TWO rarities collections already? Do you HAVE anything else to hoover up?!?"

I looked through my iPod and realised that BY GOLLY i totally DO! There's a HUGE PILE of COVER VERSIONS that we've recorded over the years, including LOADS that have never ever been released properly. One PARTICULAR example is the version of "I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar" which I recorded with Mr FA Machine for a Jonathan Richman album which never happened. I had a listen to it last night and enjoyed it SO MUCH that I thought I might as well stick it on soundcloud, THUS:

A guitar solo like THAT deserves an audience!

The tracklisting so far is a thing of BEAUTY, tho I wonder if anyone else has ever released a Covers Album featuring The Wurzels, Bon Jovi, Allo Darlin' AND Guns'n'Roses? TOGETHER AT LAST?

Obviously there's MORE to do with Dinosaur Planet before we can sort this out (including at least TWO more videos), but The Validators can spend the MONTHS ahead constructively BICKERING about the album title. Suggestions so far include "Evington" (i.e. like Avatar), "The Frozen Planet Of Hathern", "Cloud City of Birstall", "May The Fosse Be With You", "Secrets Of Frog Island"... you see where this is going. I think "Savage Sword Of Sileby" is my favourite (NB because I THORT OF IT), but it's still all to play for!

posted 29/3/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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I reckon the only good name for an album full of covers is "Other People's Songs"
posted 29/3/2012 by Merman

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