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Yesterday lunchtime I SAUNTERED out of my office, across the big square outside Birkbeck College and into the offices of our neighbours at SOAS, where I met Mr P Baran to record an episode of his podcast, "The Lost Property Office".

It's a GRATE idea for a show - part of Pete's job is to run the Union's lost property office, so he gets GUESTS to come in and LOOK at the objects that have been lost and then talk about them, also things they THEMSELVES have lost. It's a lovely idea and GOOD GOLLY it generated a whole HECKLOAD of chat. It got to the point where I kept thinking of REMARKS but had to swiftly DISCARD them as Pete came up with a BETTER REMARK which made me think of RESPONSES and... well, if he really DOES need it to be half an hour long he's going to have to do a LOT of editing!

That said though, I'm sure he could probably do with only HALF of the OLD MAN TALK that went on. Oh dear me, get us on the subject of The Indie Toilet Circuit Of The 1990s and it was like a Les Dawson In Drag sketch. "Ooh yes, The Bath Moles, they're all gone now aren't they?" "Eee, you're right, we had proper venues in them days, and proper bands, not like this lot nowadays" and so on. And on. And on.

It was DELIGHTFUL FUN, and also HANDY, as I got over, did the session, bought an EXPENSIVE QUICHE from the Farmers' Market (yes, that's how FANCY it is here On Campus, every Thursday we have a Farmers' Market, eee, in my day we had chips and cheese and were thankful etc etc etc) and was back at my desk within the hour. Lovely!

The show should be online on Wednesday next week, and in the meantime I've got MORE radio action booked. This teatime it's the final playing of Neil Jenkin's show on Dandelion Radio, which features Dinosaur Planet rather heavily, and then at 10pm I'm in SESSION on The Garden Of Earthly Delights on CRMK doing acoustical versions of songs from said album. Good times!

posted 30/3/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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