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Blog: Moon Horse - The Season Finale

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The fourth and final episode of Moon Horse VS The Mars Men Of Jupiter is released today, featuring myself and Mr S Hewitt. "The Enemy Is Revealed" brings with it DANGER! REVELATIONS! CONCLUSIONS! and a very very exciting announcement.

As ever you can listen to it via Totally Acoustic feed (also on iTunes), get a direct mp3 download or simply listen to it right HERE:

Now that the story is finished you can also opt to download it as a single ALBUM (without all the recaps) directly from us at our bandcamp page. It's one of these modern Pay-What-You-Like downloads, so I think you can even get it for FREE if you like, but any CA$H would be much appreciated. The download also comes with a free VIDEO of the entirety of our show at the Camden Fringe last August. There's all sorts of differences between that and the recorded version (which is based on two shows in Leicester this February) and the addition of VISUALS means you can finally see what was going on during Only A Robot!

Me and Steve had a BLOODY GRATE time doing these shows and are really rather FOND of them, so we hope you enjoy listening. And do listen to the very end of this week's episode, there's THRILLING news of even more ADVENTURES to come!

posted 2/4/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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