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Blog: The Lost Property Office

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The podcast of Mr Pete Baran's SOAS radio show "The Lost Property Office", which I recorded with him last week, is online now for LISTENING and/or DOWNLOADING.

Fans of that classic genre "Grown Men Being A Bit Silly" are in for a TREAT, as is anyone who enjoys sitting behind old ladies on a bus NATTERING about How Things Were. It's actually, I think, really rather JOLLY as we go on at each other at a fair old clip. You know those RADIO TALKS where it's all quite stilted, with nobody having much to say, and things move painfully slowly? This is NOT like that!

As you can probably tell if you listen, we had a LOT of fun recording it, and I had almost as much LISTENING - Pete is dead good at this, so even though I'd ALREADY answered the questions I wanted ME From Last Week to shut up so ME NOW could answer a bit better.

AMAZINGLY, it's been online for three hours and how many local radio stations do you think have rung to offer us THE BREAKFAST SHOW? None of them, that's who! SHOCKING! You'd think someone would at least have been in touch about DRIVETIME!

posted 4/4/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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