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Blog: Easter Breaked

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Well hello again, it seems to have been a WEEK since last I blogged, a gap which can only be explained by EASTER!

Aaah, Easter! That most special time of the year when people who work for Universities not only get Bank Holiday Friday and Monday but ALSO the Thursday and Tuesday TOO, making for an IMMENSE and FREE nearly-a-week when PROJECTS may be undertaken. I personally have undertaken MANY.

There has been RECORDING, for instance - I'm releasing an ONLINE SINGLE soon via House VS Home Records which needed finishing off, with two NEW recordings that I finally got done and sent off yesterday. I've recorded versions of The Stores Of Not To Be and Only A Robot, very much in the style of A Million Ukeleles i.e. at HOME, though I don't think there's any ACTUAL ukulele on either of them. I think this'll be released next month - more news as it happens!

Meanwhile there are VIDEO plans afoot. As well as two - SO FAR - Secret Projects which are otherwise ONGOING I'm also planning to do my OWN video for The Battle Of Peterborough. I'm planning to use a Revolutionary Animation Technique and so I needed to do some TEST SHOTS to make sure it would WORK before PLUNGING into production. Initial reports say they DO work, so stand by for an EXPLOSION of ACTION over the coming months!

I've also been down to CORNWALL to see some parents, during which The Seats In My Auditorium and I visited The Minack Theatre. Holy moly, what a place! As you may have noticed (from me GOING ON ABOUT IT) I'm doing an MA in Playwriting and Screenwriting later this year. Until visiting the Minack it had never really HIT me that I'd be doing PLAYS, but being around such an EXCITING place got me all of a quiver about it!

There's been all sorts of other activities and ADMIN ACTS going on - not least the booking of several new gigs - but I think you get the idea. Easter has been a time of PLANS and CREATION, and now I'm ready to step into a SPRING of ROCK!

posted 11/4/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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