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Blog: Podcast is GO!

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You find me this sunny morning poised to TOUR, but before I head off onto THE ROAD I thought I might mention that the latest episode of the Totally Acoustic Podcast is online NOW.

As discussed last week this was a particularly delightful evening and it's led to a particularly delightful podcast, featuring Mr Benjamin Shaw and Mr Chris T-T (and also ME). Every time I edit one of these I think "COR, this is DEAD GOOD!" because... well, because it is, and not just because it means I can take out the songs I got wrong or the GAGS that were least HILARIOUS! What I like MOST about this one is that the three of us in it are all doing the Singer Songwriting Thing, but all doing it DIFFERENTLY, not just from the standard Keening Brit School Whining Haircut way but also from EACH OTHER. Like I said last week, if only The Melody maker was still around we could call it a MOVEMENT!

And there's yet MORE of The Movement to come this week, as I'm off tonight to play with another prime exponent of the art, Mr Gavin Osborn, in BRISTOL. We're on at Mr Wolf's tonight, and then tomorrow we head to Birmingham to team up with Mr David Leach and Mr Francis Albert Machine at The Station in Kings Heath. There will be SONGS, there will be REMARKS and, if The Gods Of Rock are smiling on us, there will be BEER. It'd be nice to have an audience too, so if you're about do pop along if you can!

posted 16/4/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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