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At last, after months of me DESPERATELY fighting the need to SHOW OFF LIKE MAD, it can finally be revealed: me and Steve are doing Dinosaur Planet at The Green Man Festival!

We were actually ASKED if we'd be interested in doing this LAST year, but it clashed with our shows at The Fringe and we couldn't work out a way to do BOTH. THIS year, however, with NO Fringe planned, we were well up for doing it and were very VERY pleased to be asked again. This is the main reason for the abbreviated version we were practicing the other day, and also the THRUST behind the performance at The Camden Fringe.

It's all VERY exciting, bit least since I've discovered PALS like Mr G Osborn and Mr B Moor will also be playing, and I'm RIGHT looking forward to seeing Jonathan Richman. INDEED, myself and The Hills In My Valley got SO excited about it that we're actually staying on for a week AFTER the festival's finished - we're having an ever so grown-up holiday in THE BRECON BEACONS, staying in a cottage and going for walks (to the pub).

I should say at this point that it IS just me and Steve - I'm not sure why it says that The Vlads are playing, but hopefully we can make that come TRUE another year. It's a real honour to be asked to play at such an PRESTIGIOUS festival, and rest assured we're going to be spending the next four months learning our lines in preparation!

posted 25/4/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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hang on! it says the validators too? SUBTERFUGE! We can at least get in free on this basis surely?
posted 25/4/2012 by Downtrodden

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