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I'm having a DELIGHTFUL couple of days full of Things Not Working Properly. One of these Things is the very webserver you look upon now - my webhosting company have done an "upgrade" which, as usual, leads inevitably to Things Not Working Properly. I was a bit annoyed that they didn't give me any NOTICE of this happening, but they DO tend to reply to emails very quickly and seem to have got it all sorted out now BUT I have somehow LOST yesterday's EXCITING blog post!

Oh well - basically it said "I went to the Secret BBC Window and posted some CDs", and then went on to show the video, but in a Funny Kind Of Way that doesn't matter, as I'm going to RE-POST that today anyway. I just thought I'd add this bit in case anyone found it ODD. "That's not like Hibbett", they would say, "To repeat himself. That's not like Hibbett." (etc etc etc).
posted 22/5/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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