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Blog: Thrilling Webpage Updates

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It's a beautiful day today and I'm sat inside playing on the computer, and NOBODY CAN STOP ME! Being an adult, sometimes it is GOOD!

One of the things I've done is a bit of an update to the Dinosaur Planet website, ready for the release of the new download single on Monday, just putting the new video on the front page and updating the videos and singles pages. It's all part of the gentle build-up to release day, which until now has mostly featured me BCCing hundreds of different people to tell them about it!

I do like this part of THE PROCESS, when everything is slowly put into place ready for a MASSIVE LAUNCH... even when, as usually happens, nothing much comes of it. Obviously it'd be nice if HUGE FAME ensued after a single launch, but to be honest (and especially in this case) I usually enjoy doing the video, writing the press releases and even sending out the POSTAL CDs so much that whatever happens next is - to quote EVERY INDIE BAND EVER - "a bonus".

The next stage is to RE-HASSLE people about it - all the CDs should now be on the way to reviewers, I've sent an email to tell them so, and then on MONDAY I'll be emailing them AGANE to say "OH HELLO! It is RELEASE DAY! WHOO!" And then, of course, INTERNATIONAL RICHES!!

This is all part of a mighty PHASE TWO of the album - there's going to be at LEAST another two videos, a pile of Validators GIGS, and the revival of the original stage show at Green Man. As I keep saying to everyone who'll listen (and many who won't) that I'm EXTRAORDINARILY proud of this album and am DETERMINED to do everything I can to get/FORCE people to listen to it. As I say, the aforementioned CA$H/FAME wouldn't be the worse thing to happen, but really I want people to HEAR what we've done. Hopefully that's what'll occur!

posted 23/5/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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