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Blog: The Mercury Prize

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After much (well, a bit of) consideration, I have decided to enter Dinosaur Planet for the 2012 Mercury Music Prize!

The reasons for this are various - as I keep saying, I'm very proud of the album and would like to get it to a wider audience, and am interested in the PROCESSES of something like this - but mostly I thought "It's 204 quid, I don't know when our next album will be out or whether I'll be able to afford to do this again, so why the heck not?"

I put myself onto their mailing list a while ago, and recieved an email earlier this week telling me how to register. This i duly DID, and got a PDF full of EXCITING ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS. I say "EXCITING" because one of the things they ask for is a PRESS KIT, which is an excuse for me to go through the facebook page and compile my favourite REVIEWS and MENTIONS.

SIDEBAR: Coincidentally my FAVOURITE of these was mentioned on the Actual Radio yesterday. Steve Lamacq's doing a THEME on local newspapers this week, so I sent him the story of when the album was in The Peterborough Evening Telegraph, and how the printed version had ALL of the lyrics to The Battle Of Peterborough... apart from the last verse! He read it out, include a POETRY PLEASE-esque reading of said lyrics, it was all terribly exciting - all right, he didn't actually play the SONG, but you can't have everything can you?

This clipping, along with the ones from Word, SFX, Comics Alliance and THE SMITHSONIAN will, if nothing else, make for a more DIVERSE range of reviews than ADELE or whoever will be contributing, and I am sure this will DEFINITELY get us onto the shortlist. In the UNLIKELY event that that doesn't do the trick they've also asked for a selection of VIDEOS - it's pretty much in the BAG, isn't it?

Last time we did this several people asked me about it afterwards, so THIS time around I'm going to try and BLOG the whole process, from getting together the entrance requirements all the way through - INEVITABLY - to when we - WITHOUT DOUBT - turn up at the Roundhouse for Awards Ceremony. Buckle up chums, it's going to be a THRILLING RIDE!

posted 24/5/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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