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Blog: Olympic THORTS so far

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Up to my knees in OLYMPICS, here's some OPINIONS I have formulated. GET READY!

ITEM! Isn't it lovely to hear ACCENTS on the telly? I've been listening to Mr Kristian Thomas on telly thinking HOW BRILLIANT it is to hear a PROPER BRUMMIE on Breakfast Telly, and there have been HEAPS of different voices from all around the land. My favourite, apart from Mr Thomas, was that girl from LEEDS in the Synchronised Diving the other day. HECKERS! WHAT an accent, it was GRATE!

ITEM! And when they talk it is FAIRLY CLEAR that they have had Media Training, not least because EVERYONE remembers to say "Thanks to everyone who has supported us, thanks to the crowd." It does stick out a little bit, but they DO seem to mean it and it IS very nice. I hope that The Premiership SACK their current advisors and get THIS lot in instead for next season - imagine! We might start to actually LIKE footballers again!

ITEM! SO MANY STORIES! It's like Big Brother (EARLY YEARS), X-Factor, Strictly, DIY SOS and PANORAMA all rolled into one sometimes... and then they go and THROW THEMSELVES AROUND for our pleasure!

ITEM! But THEN the commentators come on. The normal, professional, ones say the usual "Oh never mind, well done, they tried etc etc" but then the ACTUAL SPORTSMEN go "THEY HAVE FAILED. He/She will be disappointed with that AND RIGHTLY SO. They have MESSED IT UP." It's rather INVIGORATING - time and again the TV people try to introduce levity, only to be cut down by people who have DONE this stuff and no how it goes. BEST was the other day when the presenter said something like "And to think, she only took up swimming four years ago!" and the Former Swimmer went "NO. I rather THINK she had been swimming before that AND was a professional ATHLETE so it's NOT THAT IMPRESSIVE." Eeek!

ITEM! How come nobody has DIED?!? The DIVING is BLOODY TERRIFYING - watching it the other day i couldn't help but YELP in FEAR every time they SLAPPED into the water at 40mph. BE CAREFUL!

ITEM! And how on earth do they COPE with the pressure? It's like they have one chance, every four years, to do their ONE BIG GIG and ANY MISTAKE will completely screw it up FOREVER. I think I would be sitting in a corner CRYING.

And THAT is my analysis of the Olympics so far. Oh, apart to say: it's weird when they say "It's raining in Stratford" and it ISN'T in Leytonstone. It's only down the road.


posted 31/7/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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