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Blog: Dinosaur Fashion Parade

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Since the last batch of Dinosaur Planet T-Shirts went in the post I have been deluged - DELUGED! - with photographs.

Initially this seemed a bit odd - when they first went on sale I actively encouraged people to send me photographs of themselves thus garbed and nobody DID. Then about a month ago I had TWO pictures sent to me on the same day, and this week I've had FOUR! FOUR!

Investigating further it turns out that SEVERAL of the new pictures are of KIDS, and people DO like taking pictures of their KIDS, which goes some way to explaining the rush, but even in this new batch approx 40% of those pictured of ADULTS.

And then the answer struck me - of course! LOOK at these people! Clearly they are FASHION TRENDSETTERS, and fashion has AT LAST caught up with us! I fully expect to open next week's Sunday papers and see Ms K Moss and co CAVORTING at/out of some party fully clad in Dinosaur Planet t-shirts and Mr D Beckham sporting one as he pilots his speedboat down the Thames. IT MUST HAPPEN!

And hey, if YOU would like to be as COOL and FASHIONABLE and GROOVY (that's the right word isn't it?) as these HEPCATS, t-shirts are still very much available. I've only got one SMALL one left tho, so if you think that's for you GET IN QUICK!

posted 1/8/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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