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You find me today KNACKERED, as yesterday The [non-dairy] Butter On My Crumpet and I went DANCING. Oh yes! We've talked about doing it for YEARS (well, more than A year anyway), and being King Of All Boyfriends as I am I booked us on a Crash Course for her birthday. Never again will I CROW and LARF at Dancers On The Telly when they talk about it being "hard work", it bloody is! We had to learn about 5,007 new MOVES over the course of two hours AND jig around like LOONS. Someone did a proper demonstration of it and looked for all the world like one of those JAZZ Silly Symphonies - if Bugs Bunny in a DRESS had walked by his eyeballs would have come out on stalks and he would have whistled until his BRANES came out of his ears!

It was GRATE until the last 30 minutes when I suffered sudden JAZZ PANIC and lost all confidence in my own GROOVE, and just wanted to FLEE the SCENE. To make it worse, when we got out the PUBS were all shut - curse you, Lloyd George!

I'm looking forward to next week tho, also to the next WEDDING (or equivalent) we get asked to... there will be much PRACTICING in the coming week, although, of course, not tonight, for tonight we head to LEICESTER! For ROCK!

posted 20/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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