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Blog: Out Of Office

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You find me this afternoon in a state of HIGH PANIC, for LO! The Grass In My Field and I are off to The Green Man Festival this morning, and it's all a bit COMPLEX. I've been dashing around trying to get TWO seperate Work Jobs into a position to present to two different bosses, while doing Warm-Up shows (SEE PREVIOUS YAKS) and preparing for a two centre holiday AND a trip to a festival site to do a gig.

My head, it is SWIMMING. I'm going to need a a) holiday b) BEER pretty soon, so it's pretty handy that that's going to happen. First tho we have to lug two suitcases, a guitar, a big box of props, wet weather wear and MR SQUISH all the way to ABERGAVENNY!

If you're about at the festival do come and see us if you can't won't you? We're on in Einstein's Garden at 2.45pm on Friday, then I hope to be gently staggering about for the rest of the weekend, before spending the following week RELAXING. We're back in London town next Friday, so I'll let you know how it all went when I get back.

Don't forget to water the plants while I'm away, check the cat isn't trapped anywhere, leave the telly switched on (I'm taping stuff), and see you soon!

posted 16/8/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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