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Blog: Tour Report: LEICESTER

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To LEICESTER for the last Validators gig of The Tour, where The Gods Of ROCK saw fit to make me appreciate the easier bits of the forthcoming Solo Gigs by making me and Tom LUG huge and heavy AMPS and DRUMS up the stairs to the Lamplighters' gig area - MAN, we were MANLY. The gig commenced with Dr N.Brown doing his first solo set in YEARS, which was ACE, especially "Mutilated Quim Scene" and his ASTONISHING encore of Voon Classic "Frisco Disco". Being 747 were GRATE again, and then it was time for US.

It was all right, really - it didn't feel too good on stage because we couldn't hear a thing that was going on, largely because TIM was unfettered and unleashed, so the BASS had to go louder to cope, and the PA couldn't really get everything else LOUD enough to go with it. There were quite a few people there who hadn't seen ME for ages and US never, so I was a little disappointed that we weren't at our ROCKING TOP FORM, but everyone STILL seemed to be quite pleased with it. That is, until we finished the set... we came of stage with Dr Brown shouting "More!" and nobody else doing so. I thought "Fair enough, we'll not do one".

As an ASIDE, there was a division in our usually UNITED rythmn section - Tim was hopping about, GAGGING to get back on, whilst Rob was busily putting his bass back in its case... anyway, I went through the room to find my WOMAN, and the clapping stopped, and several people said "Well, aren't you going to do another one then?" I pointed out that, usually, you only did this when people shouted "More!" and clapped, but for some reason this had slipped everyone's memory - people seemed to WANT us to do another one, but not to do the Traditional Clapping.

SHAMEFULLY I said "Well, if you shout for more, we'll do one." A few people did, and we SLUNK on to do the encore... made to look even MORE daft because Rob had to go and get his guitar out again! We did "Fat Was A Feminist Issue", and it was GOOD!

Afterwards, things seemed MUCH brighter. The BEST thing about the evening was that quite a few FRIENDS had turned up, who I'd not seen for AGES. To be completely honest I think I'd've preferred it if the actual GIG bit had been much shorter and much earlier, so that I could have had more of a CHAT with people, without constantly having to nip off to sort things out. Possibly the BEST bit was seeing one of my very oldest friends all in LOVE and HAPPY, it was HEART WARMING.

Afterwards we said cheery farewells to Being 747 and had an end-of tour band meeting/HUGATHON. I felt rather sad that this was our last time together this year, especially as we had become such a Tight Rocking Unit, but then who knows what excitement lurks in wait for us in 2004 eh?

posted 22/10/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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