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Blog: Joan Collins And Iron Man

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It was a day of CULTURE round our way on Friday. To kick off, I gently slid out of work early to go an watch "Iron Man 3", which was UTTERLY GRATE. It's amazing that it took Hollywood SO LONG to realise that the best way to make a good superhero film is to make it like a good superhero comic i.e. ACTION PACKED but also FUNNY. I LARFED, I went "OOH!" at The Bit Where Everyone Falls Out Of An Aeroplane, and I really REALLY liked the way that T.Stark and P.Potts BICKER the whole way through. It was ACE.

Also, I realised that I've actually MET one of the writers - Drew Pearce, who co-wrote it with Shane Black, also wrote "No Heroics", and I met him when I went to a preview showing YEARS ago. He's done jolly well for himself!

Then I wandered into THEATRELAND to meet The Star Of My Show for "An Evening With Joan Collins". Now, we BOOKED this via a circuitous route - we'd both read good reviews of "The Audience" feat. Helen Mirren and thought it might be fun to see... about an hour after EVERYONE ELSE had thought the same thing and bought ALL the tickets. The Print On My Page had happened to pick up "Time Out" that week and seen that Joan Collins was doing her one woman show, thought it might be interesting, so suggested we go to that instead.

The aforesaid Beer In My Glass got caught at work, so I ended up going in on my own - the door staff at The Leicester Square Theatre were VERY nice and assured me she'd get in OK (which indeed she did), so I shuffled in to find myself very much one of the youngest people there, in an audience that was 50% early middle-aged gay, 50% late middle-aged heterosexual, ALL in couples. It was a NICE audience to be in, jolly and excited but not TOO jolly and excited, and the Leicester Square is a LOVELY theatre to be in - OOH! The SEATS! They're so COMFY!

I must admit, I wasn't expecting much, but in the end it turned out to be GRATE. She did a sort of "My Exciting Life In ROCK" show (I'm SURE she got the idea off me) with film clips to illustrate the stories, which were by an large HILARIOUS and full of ENORMOUS NAME DROPS. Every so often you had to stop and think "Hang on a bloody minute, that's the ACTUAL JOAN COLLINS over there!"

She looked INCREDIBLE for her age and FULL of energy and very much deserved the TWO standing ovations at the end. They also did a sort of encore when her husband BOUNDED on and asked questions suggested beforehand by the audience. This was a) LOVELY ) also FUNNY, and she ended the whole show rather delightfully with a GAG about having to go and see D.Cameron afterwards. The whole show was LOVELY really - funny, interesting, well done, and HANG ON A MINUTE! That's JOAN COLLINS!

I would heartily recommend BOTH Joan Collins AND Iron Man 3 to anybody: a little bit different in tone, perhaps, but both GRATE!

posted 29/4/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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