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Blog: TOUR REPORT: Birmingham

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Off to BIRMINGHAM on Saturday afternoon, and with a tide of "retiming" (Virgin seem to have nicked this loathsome rephrasing of "late" from Midland Mainline) all the way there it was an HARASSED and HARRIED Hibbett who finally got to the Jug Of Ale. The whole upstairs was decked out in Halloween Gear that Dr A Farmer, Bearos Supremo, had spent hours getting together, Grover were onstage doing Scary Songs, and later the other band, Palomar 13, came on stage dressed as Ghostbusters and PLAYED Ghostbusters.

I felt like a bit of a pillock for not bothering to learn a scary song myself... HOWEVER, the mighty BRANE got into action, and I started the set with a very unsubtle re-working of "Evergreen" - "Eyes, like a ZOMBIES, like a CORPSE in my GRAVE" etc etc. The set itself seemed to go OK - "Billy Jones" went down especially well, "Easily Impressed" got done GOOD by everyone, and although I DID mess up a couple of words, nothing too awful happened. All in all, it was Quite Good - didn't sell any CDs, but a couple of people did look at me in the slightly nervous way that people who have QUITE enjoyed it do when they don't actually want to talk to The Sweaty Shouting Man about it.

As ever, the nicest thing really was having a chat to people - Pete formerly of The Regulars was there, and he's always a nice chap to talk to, and afterwards Dr Farmer took me back to his Delightful Home for BEER and lodgings, which was very kind of him. Birmingham's LOVELY.

posted 3/11/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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