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Blog: LOL Writers Day

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On Saturday I headed into London's Fashionable Covent Garden area of London for the "Writing Comedy L.O.L. Lots of Laughs" Scriptwriters' Day. It was organised by one of our lecturers this term, Jim Hill, as part of his DAY JOB on the DMU Television scriptwriting MA. There were five of us from my course there for what turned out to be a GRATE day.

I met one of my COLLEAGUES outside at 10am, thinking we'd be the first there, and so were surprised to find the theatre bit of The Actors Centre (where it was held) nearly FULL. The first session was run by Keith Lindsay, talking about the kind of characters needed for a successful sitcom - he did a DIAMOND diagram, which I found TERRIBLY exciting as my favourite lecture last term was by Laurie Hutzler who made some VERY INTERESTING POINTS with a diamond diagram, it was GRATE. This too was dead interesting, especially as he used about a MILLION examples of different sitcoms to make his points, ALL of which I knew. It's a times like that that I think "Yes, I think trying to write for TV would be a MUCH better idea than theatre, as I at least WATCH telly."

Next we had a keynote from Laurence Marks, which was a) interesting b) FUNNY c) dead impressive, as he REELED off a list of HUGE shows he's written and also shared SMALL GOSSIP about some of the people in it. After lunch they did an interview with Jesse Armstrong, which was Quite Interesting and then they had a panel which featured Trix Worrell (who wrote DESMOND'S!!) and James Cary (who wrote Bluestone 42, which we LOVED in our house). It was all very exciting - here were ACTUAL TELLY PEOPLE who seemed Quite Normal and/or full of FACTS.

Afterwards we had a bit of a LURK, but didn't have sufficient nerve to go and network properly, and then it was time for me to FLY HOME to do some serious TELLY HOMEWORK i.e. "Doctor Who". Here is my review of it: "COR! EH? WOW! ZANG!"

Telly! It's BRILL!

posted 22/5/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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