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Blog: Due A Deuchars

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As previously discussed, Steve and I have entered the Deuchars Beermat Fringe competition. To enter you needed to send them a short video that mentions "You're Due A Deuchars" somewhere. We did THIS:

As you can probably tell, it's a whole NEW SONG what I wrote and recorded specially, with a video filmed (mostly) last Sunday afternoon while we were in Buxton. It's also, I have found, RIDICULOUSLY CATCHY - Steve and I spent most of that weekend wandering around singing "Deuchars Deuchars Deuchars" and it KEEPS leaping back into my head. So, if you've already listened, I apologise for the fact that it may be popping into the Walkman In Your Head later on today!

As also previously mentioned, I have been GRAPPLING with the ethics of doing something like this, and finally decided it was FINE via various routes. Firstly it's a NEW SONG, so it's not re-purposing any old songs and thus not running the risk of spoiling somebody's associations. Secondly i really really DO love Deuchars IPA ("You're always on about it", sources close to ME said the other day), and thirdly I realised that most of the people I'd heard in the past SLATING others for doing ANYTHING commercial were Comedians, and taking Moral Advice from a comedian is like taking Marriage Guidance from a priest: they keep on GIVING it, though they never actually EXPERIENCE it.

And finally I asked myself the question I asked myself when I entered "Boom Shake The Room" for the Word Magazine contest (which worked out causing LOTS of fun) i.e. "What would Bobby Gillespie do?" I reasoned that Bobby Gillespie would NEVER do something like this, so it MUST be a good idea!

I hope you agree, dear reader. The plan now is to get some people to WATCH it - if we end up in the Top 6 Most Viewed Videos out of all the entrants then we get JUDGED by Ian Rankin (and some other JUDGES) and the one they like the most gets 750 QUID (in vouchers, but still) which would come in VERY handy in Edinburgh!

posted 22/7/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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I've walked up that same hill you have in Buxton - but in two feet deep of snow! A bit more difficult shall we say :) Catchy as hell though!
posted 22/7/2013 by Warren

if it got youtube "views" every time i've sang the damn thing in my head we'd have twice as many as everyone else put together...
posted 22/7/2013 by Steve

Oh No!! the linky to youtube says and error has occured. Probably due to the huge demand for the vid killing the Youtube server
posted 22/7/2013 by Barry

It seems to be working here OK - anybody else having issues? I guess it MUST be the huge demand!!
posted 22/7/2013 by MJ Hibbett

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life.
posted 22/7/2013 by Alexander Christopher Hale

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