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Blog: Proper Meetings

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I was back at SKOOL again on Monday night for another Production meeting about The Christmas Party, a series of short web dramas that a bunch of us are putting together. I arrived armed not only with the MINUTES of our last meeting but also a printed AGENDA. As I was putting it together earlier i'd thought "Do i really need to DO this? It's just some CHUMS getting stuff sorted out, do we really need APOLOGIES at the start?" but then wiser aspects of my BRANE said "You might as well do it properly Hibbett - Meeting Procedures have evolved this way because they WORK."

And WORK is exactly what they did, as over the course of about 90 minutes we made DECISIONS and LAID PLANS and generally got stuff sorted out. The best bit was at the end when Mr R Dasu did a talk about SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY. It was one of those occasions when you can FEEL your BRANE understanding something properly for the first time, mine eyes were opened to not only the possibilities of a properly planned CAMPAIGN,but also how a) easy b) sensible it would be. I also realised that I had a delightful excuse to spend the next few days "researching" Christmas cracker jokes and Christmas songs!

Talking of which, when the meeting finished we adjourned to a nearby classroom to record the THEME TUNE. I'd suggested we do a HUMMED version of "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" as it is a) relevant b) easy c) out of copyright, and we did four or five different takes, some with words, some with DYNAMIC MIDDLES, and some without. It came out sounding pretty GRATE, tho the BEST version is one where a PAINTER MAN enters the room halfway through, apologises for interrupting, and advises us not to touch the walls as they have just been painted. This, I think, will be prime contender for Twitter Content!

posted 16/10/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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