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Blog: Are You MJ Hibbett?

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On Friday night I was heading up to The Lexington to meet The Crowd At My Show, as we were going to see The June Brides. As I neared the venue a man leaned out of his front door and say. "Are you MJ Hibbett?"

It was STRANGE - if it had occurred IN the gig, full of indie types, I would have been pleasantly surprised, but not ASTONISHED, but to have it occur in the street was a) odd b) ACE. He WAS an indie-type and indeed was himself heading over later for The Primitives, but still: it's the sort of thing that happens to me in the open air only approx 0.5 times a year.

The gig itself was GRATE - The June Brides were on TOP form, with GRATE sound and some EXCELLENT new material. AND they did "I Own It", which is my FAVOURITE.

Next day the aforesaid Beer In My Pint Glass were in our local pub, Tap East, enjoying a refreshing BEER after a lovely afternoon wandering around the latest newly opened bits of The Olympic Park, also SHOPPING. A young man came over and said "Are you MJ Hibbett?" He'd seen us a few times in LEEDS - as he said it I remembered speaking to him, us both a little piddly. I said "Aha! We met at that pub that was full of under-age drinkers." "Carpe Diem!" he said, correctly.

Being recognised outside of indie venues TWICE in the same YEAR is way above my average, but twice in the same weekend? KRAZY! I spent all day on Sunday indoors, doing Computer Stuff and Chores, including a stint on Facebook, where I involved myself in a discussion about whether the zebra crossing on the Abbey Road Crossing Cam is the same one as on the album cover. "It is", I said. A short time later somebody else replied to ask, "Hang on - are you MJ Hibbett?"

THREE times in ONE weekend?!? That's more than the entire rest of the decade so far! I've no idea what caused this to happen, but obviously i LIKE IT!

posted 7/4/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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Imagine all those poor members of The Black Hair & Glasses Brigade who have to put up with hearing "Are you MJ Hibbett?" on a daily basis!
posted 7/4/2014 by Ray K

Are you THE M J Hibbett
posted 7/4/2014 by Tim

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