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Blog: Jazz Time

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On Friday The Notes In My Solo and I headed out to DALSTON to a JAZZ CLUB - two aspects of gig going that don't usually go together for us, but this time we had a special mission for LO! we were off to see Chris T-T supporting Darren Hayman at his regular "Occupation" night.

One of the many many exciting/fun things for us about moving to Stratford has been suddenly getting a PLETHORA of new travel options, and one of the most surprisingly useful has been our access to the London Overground line which gets us to our neighbouring neighbourhoods in East London in SUPER FAST time. It used to be a right pain getting to any of the Trendy Areas where gigs happen these days, but now it is PEASY. It took us ten minutes to get to Dalston, and before we knew it we were going "Ugh! What is that rotten smell? Oh, it is Dalston." I guess this is how you can tell it is still authentically "edgy"!

The venue itself, the Vortex Jazz Club, was very nice and also SUPER ORGANISED. When we arrived we were pointed to a TABLE where two seats had been RESERVED for us! This was quite a good idea, as it meant that everyone who had booked early got a seat, and we continued the organisation by getting ourselves a bottle of PLONK. It felt dead posh, but also meant we didn't have to keep getting up to fetch more BOOZE!

The gig itself was GRATE - Chris was on excellent form, and Mr Hayman (who I've seen surprisingly few times for someone who's been going for pretty much exactly the same amount of time, on {a slightly higher tier of} pretty much the same SCENE as me) was ace too. It was a very very EASY way to sit and enjoy a gig, with seats, good sound, an appreciative audience, and excellent acts. More of that sort of thing please!

Also rather wonderful was seeing people I totally did not expect to see, whether because they were from far away (Mrs G Podd) or people i knew from work (Mr N Lloyd). It's strange, but also lovely - now I'mm gently re-immersing myself in the world of ROCK I keep bumping into people I know again, I like it rather a lot!

ALSO also rather wonderful was the fact that the gig finished well before closing time, so we were able to sit around and have a NATTER with Chris, who is always MARVELLOUS company, before strolling back to the station for a swift journey home. It was a GRATE night out, gigs are ACE!

posted 23/4/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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