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Blog: The Dress Rehearsal

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On Thursday evening last week I met with Mr S Hewitt for a Hey Hey 16K practice at Bally Studios in Tottenham. However, this was no ordinary practice, for not only was it our LAST rehearsal before the shows in Leicester this week but it was also our first DRESS rehearsal!

For this reason I arrived laden down with a BIG bag of STUFF - wigs, various musical instruments, TOP SECRET props, more wigs, a guitar stand and WIGS - when it was all laid out ready it felt like we really WERE doing a show again! We got set up and did a run through, which went pretty well. All right, there were a couple of times when we had to stop and say "Is this the right bit?", Steve got a bit over-excited with the swannee whistle ("NOT NOW STEVE!") and at one point we had to stop and go back because we'd missed a whole song, but all in all it worked our RATHER well and, as long as I advise people that it really IS a work in progress version next week, it should all be FINE.

More than fine, in fact - it's Quite Good! As I said to my colleague afterwards, I'm happier with THIS show at this stage in proceedings than I have ever been before. "That's because I've worked out new ways not to annoy you" said Steve and I am sure I do NOT know what he means hem hem as I am a CONSTANT DELIGHT to work with and in now way prone to throwing a massive hissy fit if one or both (NB but no me) of us forgets a bit, but it is true - so far it has all been ENTIRELY PLEASANT. It's almost as if this "learning it bit by bit" idea is working!

That said, the TAP DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA still needs some work, though we did have a bit of a breakthrough with Steve on KAZOO for that section. It took a while to work out - apparently Standard Validators Notation such as "Do the first bit three times then the second bit with the bit on the end once" is not universally accepted, even if you repeat it loads of times and go "You know, the la la LA bit!" but we got there in the end!

We'll be PREMIERING a couple of songs at this month's Totally Acoustic on Thursday then it will be off to Leicester and the whole thing will begin for REAL. All we need now is an audience!

posted 3/2/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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Hem hem ;) Of course, gentle reader, the fact that he has a gtr means that any mistake always looks more like it's someone else's fault...
posted 3/2/2015 by Steve

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