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Blog: The World Premiere

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Friday lunchtime saw Mr S Hewitt and I gathered at St Pancras to start the tour of our new show Hey Hey 16K in the traditional manner, with a PINT in the Sir John Betjeman. For LO! we were heading off to Leicester for our SEVENTH (7th!) consecutive year appearing at The Leicester Comedy Festival.

It's been a couple of years since we last began performing a new show but we fell into the usual rhythms with EASE. After finishing our Inaugural Beers we got on the train and did LINEZ all the way to Leicester, intriguing and delighting our fellow passengers as we went. When we got to the Ibis and checked into our Usual Suites things went slightly awry, for me at least. I put down all my gear then popped next door to give Steve the comedy festival brochure... and left my KEY in my room, so I had to go downstairs and get a new one. I then tried to put the telly on but couldn't find the controller, so had to ring for one of those too. It was all fine, I just wish it had been a bit more AMUSING or full of INCIDENT! Still, it did allow me to enjoy some quality REPEATS on BBC2 when Steve alerted me to a showing of "Hi De Hi".

Once we'd sated out need for classic sitcom we regrouped and headed over to The Criterion where we had the usual Pizzas, the usual BEERS, and met up with the usual selection of CHUMS. It was all rather lovely, only slightly marred for me by the fact that I was getting THE FEAR - i hardly ever get THE FEAR these days and it was not a welcome return, though I suppose it was warranted, what with the entire new show we were about to do.

And do it we did! We had about thirty people in, which was pretty darn good going, and they seemed to enjoy it. I did a warning beforehand that there would be errors and indeed there were, as well as some Points To Ponder (there's one section in particular that needs retooling) but overall it was pretty good. I don't think there were any GAGS that fell flat, and doing reprises and HITS towards the end was a GRATE idea! Still, we're going to have to get a LOT fitter if we're going to be doing it every day come August - that tap dancing is KNACKERING!

Afterwards we had a heap of beer, had two separate people suggest the SAME song to be added in, and generally relaxed and had LARFS. It was an EXCELLENT start!

posted 10/2/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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