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Blog: The Old Trouble

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Last Friday I met The Audience At My Gig for some TEA before heading over to The Borderline, where we had tickets to see Mr John Otway and his Big Band. As per it was an utterly AWESOME gig, made even more so by the facts that a) they did something NEW (Otway! Something new!) in the shape of a cover of 'Can't Explain' and b) also did lots of extra MUCKING ABOUT around the fact that it was nearly Deadly The Roadie's 40th Birthday. It was BRILLIANT, although as we moved through the first half I became increasingly uncomfortable - my poor old BACK had been playing up all week and now it was getting Proper Painful.

Come the second half I felt like I was going to FALL OVER so retired to the back of the room for A Bit Of A Sit Down and also a glass of water, leaving The Action In My Mosh Pit to enjoy the rest of the gig from the front. It's actually all right at the back of the Borderline - the sound is dead good and they have screens so you can see the stage - but I felt ropey as HECK. As we walked home I started to get a FEVER and by the time we got back to the flat I was pretty sure what was going on: The Old Trouble.

As long time readers may know, The Old Trouble is a side effect of my Psoriasis, when the skin cracks, gets infected, and ALL HECK breaks lose with swelling, fevers, nauseau, and the urgent need to GO TO BED for a day or two. In my case this usually occurs in "the lower back" region which is unpleasant at the best of times, but when combined with an Already Pretty Bad Back makes for NO FUN AT ALL. It's the first time it's happened for AGES tho - the first proper BOUT since we've live in The Olympics anyway - but I remembered the correct course of action and went directly to BED.

Saturday went by in a blur of Just Lying In Bed, feeling poorly and not doing much else. It was weird, normally if I'm awake I want to have a book on the go, or watch telly, or SOMETHING, but this time I just wanted to lie quietly and be poorly. The only problem with this plan was that I had tickets to go out that night for a play - MY play, in fact, the second night of the run of "The Sexy Seven"! I had to face the fact that I couldn't go, which was VERY upsetting - I was finally getting a play on that I wasn't even IN, and was going to have to miss it!

Luckily The Stages In My Plan FLEW into action and ZOOMED off to distant Camden, determined to see it on my behalf. There was a minor kerfuffle at the door, as the doorman wanted some ID (normally I get tickets for GIGS run by people I know, so we never really think of this), but The Names On My List is nothing if not INDOMITABLE and so managed to gain entry, and came home to tell me that the show had been GRATE! HOORAH!

That evening I had THE SWEATS and a long long night of recurring FEVER DREAMS. A few years ago I had this happen where I dreamt an entire eighth series of 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'. This time wasn't so serious, and I just dreamt an extended special edition of 'Doctor Who' with some very poor lookalikes playing past versions of The Doctor and some truly APPALLING special effects, especially for the Tardises which looked RUBBISH. You'd think if you're going to spend all night having a fever dream your BRANE would at least bother to sort out the CGI would't you?

posted 17/2/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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