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Blog: On The Way To Edinburgh

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After all the excitement of actually PERFORMING Hey Hey 16K last week we have moved onto the the QUIET yet VERY EXCITING part of the Fringe Cycle which is known as "Actually Getting Things Booked". Just after we got back from Leicester we had an offer from the lovely PBH Free Fringe people for a slot at a really nice venue but ALAS it was for a time we couldn't do - we're once again sharing our slot with CHESHIRE 4 LIFE (with us doing the first two weeks and them the last) and one of them is going to be TEACHING during the day, so we had to go back and beg for a different time. Thankfully a couple of days ago we had a NEW offer for a new time in a venue I've never been in before but which looks Quite Good - Sneaky Pete's on Cowgate. Rather brilliantly you can go and have a look around the venue on Google Streetview, so when we got the offer I spent a happy ten minutes looking in their FRIDGE! We said YES PLEASE so we're going to be on at 6:15pm each day, which is perfect for us, and the fact that it's RIGHT in the middle of things means we might even get some of that elusive "walk-up" trade! HOORAH!

Sorting THAT out prompted me to go round and follow up some other LEADS, and we're gradually lining up a nice string of preview gigs, including several that I can't put up on the website just yet. It's all looking quite sensible, so now the two jobs remaining were getting ourselves REGISTERED and getting somewhere to STAY!

Flat hunting is ongoing (if you hear the sound of RAGE emanating from North London this week it will probably be Steve hurling abuse at EITHER the UTTERLY INSANE amounts of money Edinburgh landlords can get away with charging in August OR the fact that they all want you pay that amount of money for the full three weeks), but at least registration is DONE. After careful consultation with Steve and The Words In My Paragraph I submitted the following image, title and TEXT to the Edinburgh Fringe:

MJ Hibbett (and Steve)/PBH's Free Fringe - HEY HEY 16K
New two-man musical from the team behind 'Dinosaur Planet', 'Moon Horse' and 'Total Hero Team', featuring Dad jokes, time travel, ZX Spectrums, Ada Lovelace, beer, tap dancing and Steve in the role of a lifetime: MJ Hibbett!

It's Quite Important to get this right as it goes in The Big Edinburgh Fringe Book which loads of people (including me) use as the main way of picking shows to see. As the title of the show is our main selling point this year I thought that might be best for the image, and for the first time EVER my version of the BLURB was passed without change by any of our PR TEAM (hem hem), so hopefully it'll get some people in!

With all that sorted I pressed the SUBMIT button, paid our 295 quid entrance fee, and that's that. WE'RE OFF - all we need now is somewhere to stay!

posted 19/2/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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