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Blog: Even More Edinburgh

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On Wednesday evening I headed back to my ALMA MATER for another meeting of Lost City Writers i.e. our WRITING GROUP from the MA what did the 'Sexy Seven' show the other week. It was a lovely evening and also quite INSPIRING as we do a bit at the start where everybody says what they've been up to, and this time people had been up to all sorts. It felt like we were all having a proper GO at writing, rather than letting it drop off after the course, and it was GRATE to be able to sit in a room full of delightful people all feeling happy for each other. I liked it a lot!

A large chunk of the evening was spent discussing how things had gone with putting the show on and then ways in which it might RETURN. Mr Producer aka Mr A Dawson had had a call from a THEATRE in Edinburgh offering us a spot in their programme for the Fringe - as he said, a cynical way of seeing this was that a commercial organisation had rung to offer us the chance to give them a TONNE of CA$H, but it was also Quite Exciting to suddenly think we might be able to put the show on there. We talked through the Pros and Cons, with the Cons featuring a lot of everybody saying "It would be INCREDIBLY expensive" and, though various people came up with all sorts of ideas for funding, like grants, sponsorship, and kickstarter, I got the impression that everyone was thinking "It's a nice idea, but it's just too much money." I was, therefore, surprised, when at the end of all this Sensible Discussion everybody said "Sod it, let's have a go!"

There's a lot of hurdles to jump over before we get anywhere NEAR confirming - the general idea is that we'd pay for the production side and ask the actors to sort out their own accomodation, which is quite a lot to ask - but the more we talked about it the more of a good idea it felt like. The worst case scenario would be nobody at all came, we didn't get any funding, and we'd each lose about 600 quid, but compared to how much money I'm currently spending on Hey Hey 16K (flats are EXPENSIVE!!) that doesn't seem SUCH a lot. And that's the worst case - if we get some upfront cash from somewhere and people DO come the costs are halved and we might even get a review!

We'll see what happens but I must say i do like the idea of SWANNING AROUND Edinburgh saying "Darlings I must dash, have to pop in and see how my little play is doing don't you know". It would be AMAZING!

posted 20/2/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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