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Blog: Slightly less Edinburgh

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The amount of Edinburgh-based activities I'm involved with seems to EBB and FLOW like some sort of beer and curry based TIDE. One day I'm going to know EVERYBODY there and be doing 18 shows an hour, the next we're back down to one show and just me and Steve.

For instance, since last we spoke the whole "doing the play in Edinburgh" has gone by the by due to half the cast not being able to do it. It's a shame, as I would have enjoyed the Artistic Adventure of... well, SHOWING OFF about it, but it's quite a relief to my wallet! I've also had various CHUMS who were going to do shows decide that it's not such a good idea (this year at least), and previous to all that we've gone down from three weeks to TWO and dropped entirely the idea of doing a SKETCH SHOW on the side!

All of these things would have been exciting, but what we've come down to now is "just" me and Steve doing Hey Hey 16K for two weeks. I say "just" because of course we will be still be doing all of our usual Fringe activities i.e. having massive lie-ins, eating chips for breakfast, and maybe even going to see a couple of shows. In the cold light of day I think that's going to be MORE than enough to be going on with!

posted 24/2/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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