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Blog: The London Premiere

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Myself and Mr S Hewitt gathered in London's Angel District Of London on Sunday afternoon for the LONDON PREMIERE of Hey Hey 16K. Before we started a couple of people said "You seem very calm" and indeed I was - after all, we had done this show HUNDREDS of times hadn't we? Hadn't we?

Before kick-off we grabbed hold of Mr J Jervis and made him come over the road with us for a PHOTO SESSION. We've been using the same set of pictures (taken for Moon Horse) for YEARS so I thought it might be a good idea to get some new ones done this time around, so we stood against a white wall over the road while Jerv snapped away. He did a GRATE job, as it turns out, if these don't get us in the paper nothing will - you can see for yourself in the shiny new "PRESS" section of Hey Hey 16K site.

That done we went back to The Lexington, gathered up the Quite Large crowd of chums and interested parties, and went up to do the show. The FACT that we started rehearsals SO long ago and did the Leicester gigs all the way back in February always makes me feel like this show has been on the go for MONTHS, hence my general calmness, so it was only once we got going that I realised that we REALLY HADN'T done it in front of people many times. Nerves were variously in evidence and we got all sorts of bits slightly wrong, but luckily a) we'd warned everybody in advance that this would happen b) if nothing else we're used to it and, most importantly c) it was a lovely audience who seemed willing to forgive us.

The STRANGEST thing, for me, about doing this show live is that there are big sections of NO LARFS and I have to remind myself that this is FINE, for LO! these sections are THE DRAMA and/or THE EMOTIONAL CORE. People seemed to enjoy it though, as I ascertained through slightly needily going round and ASKING everyone. Well, it WAS a preview, so harvesting "notes" is part of the general idea, right?

With that done we settled down for a chat and a well-earned PINT before it was time for me to toddle off. We're out on the road again next month in Nottingham and York, then we REALLY get going with a whole heap of gigs in July before - YIKES - we're off to Edinburgh! This is finally, actually, happening!

posted 28/4/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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