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Blog: Leaving The Country

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Well, last night was a rum old do wasn't it?

It all started so well too - the upstairs room of The King & Queen was RAMMED with people, even including some who weren't in either of the bands! Me and Steve did a short, thoroughly enjoyable (to us at least) set, and then Simon Love and A Little Orchestra sounded AMAZING. After the break Keith Top Of The Pops and co were brilliant as EVER, and we all strolled downstairs to continue the jollity and get ready for a fun night of election results as we wended our way to (hopefully) a Labour government of some kind.

As I say, it was all going so well... until 10pm when the Exit Poll came onscreen and everybody's jaws DROPPED. "It can't be true!" I said, and kept saying it until approx 1:30pm when it became clear that things were turning out even WORSE. Bollocks!

Still, in the cold light of day I reassured myself that techically Cameron now has a SMALLER majority and will be at the mercy of his right wing loonie backbenchers. Back in 2010 when everybody else said the coalition would only last 3 months I had a feeling that it'd last the full 5 years (the 5 Year Parliament Act is the ONLY bit of constitutional reform the Lib Dems got in, and they LOVE constitutional reform). This time I have a feeling that it'll all be too much for the LOONIES and that the Tory party will destroy itself over the European referendum (Tory Loonies LOVE destroying their own party over Europe) and it'll all be over by 2018. Well, you've got to have hope haven't you?

I was feeling fairly pleased with this thought as I sat down this morning, ready to start editing the podcast of last night... only to discover that my four-track had gone wrong and recorded NOTHING. ARRRGGGHH!!!

So that's it - I'm leaving the country.

(for a week - we're off on holidays, please try and have a revolution while I'm away!)

posted 8/5/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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