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Blog: Back To Work

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Hello all, I'm back from my HOLS! Why yes, thank you, we DID have a lovely time - we stayed in the same apartment in the same complex in the same town that we have for over a DECADE and, having already been on all the trips and looked at all the history, did pretty much NOWT for the entire week. It was LOVELY.

We got back on Saturday evening but on Sunday afternoon it was straight back to work for me as I was playing host to a recording session with Mr S Hewitt. While I was away Mr J "John The Publisher" Esplen had emailed me with a BRIEF. This is one of those occasional emails he sends me where an advertising agency is looking for a song and have a vague idea what they want. What generally happens is that I have a go and get absolutely nowhere with it, but have FUN doing so, and this looked like no exception. They wanted a duet between two blokes but did NOT want it to be "polished or professional". My speciality!

It wasn't until we were on the way home on Saturday that I showed said brief to The Days Of My Holiday. I wasn't sure what the song was, so when she said "Isn't that the theme tune to The Golden Girls?" I was DELIGHTED - not only do i KNOW that song, I also know most of the words ALREADY!

On Sunday I diligently printed out the words and practiced the song for almost a whole TEN MINUTES (hey, they said they DIDN'T want it too professional sounding) before Steve turned up, and we then spend a very happy half hour BELLOWING it between us until we got a version that we were happy with i.e. got to the end without going TOO horribly wrong. We then overdubbed some ukelele, kazoo, hand-claps and RHYTHM (me whacking the back of a box file and Steve clanking a beer bottle), did a quick mix, emailed it to John and LO! we were all done and off to the pub to celebrate.

As usual I thought "HA! There is NO WAY that they won't use THAT!" a sure sign that they'll end up using something entirely different, but HEY! it was a heckload of fun and an extremely good welcome back to WORK!

posted 18/5/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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