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Blog: The Sound Of The Future

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When I rise from my slumbers I usually stumble round the flat opening curtains and windows, looking out upon the exciting vista of The Actual Olympic Village which is where I live (I probably haven't mentioned it, I don't like to go on). There's usually something new going on and on Thursday morning last week this was very much the case, as a FILM CREW had set up outside the new Pizza Restaurant over the way from us. I had a bit of a nosey but DARLING when one lives in That London one sees that sort of thing all the time so I casually glanced at it for a mere ten minutes, decided it probably wasn't Doctor Who, and went about my day.

A little while later I was sat typing at the kitchen table when I heard someone shout "ACTION!" A few seconds later an almighty BUZZING started up - there's a lot of this round our way, there's always someone cutting a hedge or washing down a newly laid pavement (they're pavement laying MAD in E20, they're forever taking up slabs and putting down new ones, i think it's an excuse to indulge their other MANIA i.e. Using Temporary Fencing) so I thought little of it. A few minutes later the buzzing stopped, as it does, and a few more minutes along someone shouted "ACTION!" and the buzzing began AGANE. "Poor Mr Director," I thought, "That must be RIGHT getting on his wick."

When it happened for a THIRD time I went to look out of the window to see what was going on and was AGHAST at what I saw - there was a DRONE hovering above the shop! It was carrying a pizza box and, as I STARED, I noticed that there was another, much bigger, drone hovering near THAT, with a big film camera attached. AHA! THAT was what was making the noise - DRONES!

I watched them hover around each other for a bit, then had some breakfast. The noise stopped, but then ten minutes later it began again so The Technology In My Machinery went to have a look for herself, having missed them the first time. She couldn't see any drones to start with, then looked up and saw they were hovering around the TWELFTH FLOOR of the building opposite! It was an amazing glimpse into a future world where people in flats could do away with the ARDUOUS 30 second trip in a lift to collect their pizza, instead having it delivered direct to their BALCONY!

It was all very exciting, but CRIKEY it didn't half make a racket, and I realised that this is a sound we're all going to have to get used to, if delivery companies follow through with their schemes to start using drone deliveries all the time. My top tip for the future: invest in companies that make ear plugs!

posted 15/6/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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