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Blog: 10 Years, 9 Red Songs

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On Saturday night The Tracks On My Album and I ventured out to distant HIGHGATE to see Mr Chris T-T perform his album "9 Red Songs" in its entirety. He claimed that it was the tenth anniversary of its release, but surely that can't be right can it? It only came out a few months ago, I thought?

Actually it MUST have been a while because when I did my pre-gig REVISION it felt like AGES since I'd last listened to the album and even I, who am a bit of a FAN of Mr T-T, was surprised by quite how GRATE it is. I was also surprised how PRESCIENT some of it was, not least "Uh... The Press" about how THE PRESS will bully certain people but if their CHUMS do something wrong they will completely ignore it. Astonishingly the chorus goes "Squeal squeal squeal little piggy" - did Chris KNOW all those years ago?!?

The gig happened at The Red Hedgehog in Highgate which turned out to be JUST as I imagined it would be from its old-fashioned website i.e. also old fashioned and run like a cross between a community centre and a veggie cafe that had run out of staff. The lady behind the makeshift bar ran out of change within about half an hour, so ended up with a complex system of IOUs for change which, remarkably, all seemed to work out in the end.

There were a TONNE of lovely people who I hadn't seen in AGES, some of whom we got to chat to including Mr M Breach. After the post-support act interval some cads nicked our seats so we ended up STANDING for Chris's set (it was FULL!) which was BRILLIANT. I thought it would be one long singalong but, actually, we were all so CAPTIVATED by the majesty of his performance that we all sat AGOG listening. We DID have a big shout along on "Huntsman" and "Preaching To The Converted" tho - how could we not?

Once he'd done that there was an ENCORE and JOKES and it was basically BRILL. Hopefully you won't even have to take my word for it, as I recorded the whole thing on my four track - Chris is planning to release it as a download in the next couple of weeks. He kept talking about it during the gig which FRIT me up in case it didn't work, but happily when I got home and checked it all sounded lovely. PHEW!

posted 2/12/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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It was GRATE to see you too Mr Hibbett! An excellent show by Chris and I'm already looking forward to the gig in the New Year in St Pancras. Hope to see you soon ...
posted 5/12/2015 by Matt

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