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Blog: Showing Off About Showing Off

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As mentioned in the latest newsletter, I have been doing some UPDATES to my writing website. I'd like to say that this was a planned upgrade based on a long term scheme for continuing professional development, but what actually happened was I saw someone ELSE's writing website which had a NEWS section on it and thought "I want one of them too!"

THUS there's now a section on the front page which SHOWS OFF about cool things that have recently happened. I showed this to The URLS In My HREF who said "It looks like you should be able to click on the titles of the scripts and read more about them," and I thought "Yes, yes it does" and so DID that. This took a LOT of fiddling around with the underlying code, which made for a DELIGHTFUL Friday evening of PHP FUN (NB not sarcasm, it was ACE!).

And while I was doing THAT I thought "This showing off is all well and good but it'd be even BETTER if people could actually READ the scripts themselves.' I know that it's not the done thing to leave ENTIRE SCRIPTS just lying around but I think it's probably OK to leave EXCERPTS so that is what I did, and now you can visit the scripts page to see a whole PILE of sections of scripts which you can, if you wish, download and read.

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm rather pleased with it! It combines two of my favourite things: 1) fiddling about with EASY CODE 2) SHOWING OFF! It also reminded me that, actually, I DID get quite a lot of stuff done while I had my year off - I just hope I can continue in that vein and write some MORE!

posted 3/12/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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