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Blog: What Is Abax Anyway?

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Sunday afternoon found me back in the land of my birth i.e. PETERBOROUGH, to go to The Football. I'd arranged to meet Mr P Myland at 1pm at "The Boat Place" aka Charters (it's a boat, you see) so when my train got in slightly late at 12:50pm I thought "Sod it, I'll get a taxi." A small part of my BRANE said "Hang on, it's a Sunday just before Christmas in a city where a) EVERYBODY goes into town shopping and b) the traffic is AWFUL at the best of times, are you sure about this?" "Shut up BRANE!" I said, and then spent twenty minutes stuck in traffic going to LONG way round due to bonus extra roadworks. Still, I did get to see some of Peterborough I hadn't seen for years. Perhaps it will be years until I'm forced to do so again!

Eventually I reached the pub and enjoyed a PINT with Mileage before strolling over London Road to The Abax Stadium (what on Earth IS Abax? Nobody seems to know) for an FA Cup tie between Posh and Luton Town. I had two reasons for being there - firstly that it's been AGES since I'd been to see them, the last time being a particularly GHASTLY game against Walsall when it was THUNDEROUSLY DULL. That was under the previous manager Mr D Robertson, but since then we have got a new manager Mr G Westley under whom all SORTS of ludicrous/exciting sound scores have come about and I was KEEN to see the FUN while it was still there to be had. The second reason, I must admit, was that Posh Legend Craig Mackail-Smith (to give him his full title) was playing for Luton and he is MY FAVOURITE. SHUT UP, it's ALLOWED!

As it happened, the game was PRETTY DARN GOOD. The final score was only two nil but, according to stats, there were THIRTY FIVE shots on goal by Posh, 15 of which were on target! There was a LOT of going "OOH!" and also "AAAH!", it was ACE.

Aside from that the main point of interest was how many MASCOTS there were. CRIKEY! When I were a lad we were happy with one (1) mascot, and that was Mr Posh i.e. a man in a SUIT and TOP HAT who would come on and wave to people. Mr Posh is still there, though now he has COMPANY. There's Miss Posh (who I reckon is his careworker, also in top hat and suit), Peter Burrow (a rabbit - i have no idea why, apart from OBVS the name), Mick George (a Bob The Builder knock-off, paid for by sponsors Mick George), PB (another Bob The Builder knock-off, another sponsor) and then Abax, a giant letter "A" because, as previously stated, nobody knows what Abax. It was a LOT of mascots.

Afterwards we returned to the pub for some analysis before it was time for me to head home again, glad that I had at least REFRESHED my attendance record and mildly excited for the draw for the next round tonight. I'm hoping we get somewhere in London, for peasiness reasons - if that means Leyton Orient then at least I know how to get there!

posted 7/12/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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