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Blog: The Arbitration Service Validators

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I've not been blogging an awful lot this month that's because not an awful lot has been happening, not on the surface at least. UNDERNEATH the surface however... well, not an AWFUL awful lot has been going on there either, but we have at least been PREPARING for things to happen.

For example, we've all been listening to the tracks recorded for the next Validators album and now Mr T "The Tiger" McClure is booked to head into the studio next week to undertake some of the TWEAKS resulting from these discussions. It's all sounding pretty much nearly THERE now, also GRATE, which means that I have to set my BRANE to consider what happens NEXT.

This means thinking of stuff like how many CDs to make, what format they should be in, where to get them DONE, whether to bother with distribution (shop and Amazon) and so whether we need barcodes, who to send copies to and so on and so forth, but before THAT can be begun we need to think about what the album will BE. THUS we have this week once again been discussing the album artwork and, vitally, the TRACKLISTING.

As mentioned a while ago, NINE of the tracks recorded have been approved pretty much unanimously and now TWO of the remainder have been dropped, one has been added and there's just ONE song left to ARGUE about. Progress! In the meantime we've pretty much worked out the ORDER they'll be in - I've been listening to the album in an order Mr T Pattison suggested a couple of weeks ago and it sounds ACE - and even VOTED for what songs we'll be playing in Glasgow in a couple of weeks (it's good to get this sorted well in advance so we can practice). Only the issue of this particular song remains!

It seemed like we were in DEADLOCK. Offers were made. Positions were taken. ARGUMENTS were put forward - this is meant to be an album of HITS, was THIS song a HIT or not? I feared I might have to take a FIRM HAND and impose my IRON WILL upon the group, but then LO! Mr F A Machine (leader of the PRO-this-song faction) flew in with a thought - why not put this contentious song on at the END of the album as a "secret" track? That way it's not officially listed, it's clearly separated BUT is on there for people to enjoy if they wish. I waited a few minutes and then an email came back from the leader of the ANTIs (i.e. Tim) saying simply "I can live with that."

Amazing scenes! Tension! DRAMA! And RESOLUTIONS! We have often said that if The Validators ever turn our mighty powers to POLITICS we would take over the WORLD (or at least an ill-attended Parish Council), but maybe we should try ARBITRATION instead. The Middle East - if you ever need us, you know where we are, and we'll probably sort you out for a few pints!

posted 29/1/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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